Here’s How The Right Choice In Material Can Help You Beat The Summer Heat

“Huddled up next to the icy cold glass of her room’s window, the girl slowly sipped her hot tea as she gazed outside. Though her eyes were looking at the endless expansion of snow in front of her, and though she was bundled, head to toe in warm winter clothes; in her mind, she was dancing in the grass, draped in the lightest of clothes she possessed.”

If you remember yourself when you read the above, then you too, are like most of us, all around the world.

Winter seems colder now, and they seem to stretch for ever. But when the summer comes, and you’re sweating and shaking your head at the sun; you can’t seem to wish for the summer months to pass fast. Don’t worry, you are not alone in feeling this. This is because as cold as the winters get now, the summers are just as harsh.

But dressing appropriately can save you from feeling over heated, or even avoid a heat stroke during the summer.

Here’s how appropriate dress summer.

Avoid exposing too much skin.

As much as you might relish the sunlight caressing your skin, and as much as you like flaunting your “summer body” that you worked so hard for; if you want to avoid burning yourself, and dehydrating your body; then consider “covering up”, at least when you’re outdoors. The less skin exposed, the less chances of getting sunburnt too. Heat rashes are also another frequently heard of summer problem, due to exposing too much skin to the sun. In any case, don’t forget to wear a sunblock under our cute summer dress!

Chose the materials carefully.

Choosing the correct material can be a life saver. Silks and wools are definitely not summer friendly, so avoid them as much as you can. Cottons work best for summer. Most fabric stores have a section they label off as summer materials;

So getting a good look at them the next time you visit a fabric store in Brisbane will help you when buying clothes. In fact, stitching your own clothes is a wonderful idea to make sure that you’re only wearing what suits your body, and the heat outside!

The light and flowy clothes; your summer best friends.

Again, choosing tight and form fitting clothes may be the best way to show off your summer tan and hard work at the gym; but it’s not the best thing for your health. Wearing tight clothes can result in restricting your body’s blood flow, as the heat tends to dilate your blood vessels. Opt for loose and airy styles of clothes to avoid this. Indeed, these are the styles which make you feel best during the summer.

Be sure to opt for the lighter shades when choosing clothes, apart from the loose and the flowy. Though it has not been proven scientifically, many people swear that the lighter shades of clothes keep them cooler…